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Lisa Sanfilippo is the UK’s leading yoga for insomnia expert, with more than 15 years of experience in helping herself and others to sleep better through practical yoga.

First, she helped herself overcome crippling insomnia and today, her programmes help thousands of others to sleep better through practical yoga and a body-mind wellness system. Her work is road-tested, research-based and above all, if you use it, it really works! You’ll get sustainable solutions to the key problems you face if you’re not sleeping well.

Lisa’s lived through it all and tried it all, from the medical to the spiritual approaches, and has worked with hundreds of students from ages 12-92. You’re in good (very compassionate) hands. She’s practical and spiritual, playful and scientific at the same time.

Lisa was the first yoga teacher – more than 10 years ago now – to offer yoga for insomnia workshops, leading the way for others to follow. Her yoga for better sleep workshops broke new ground in London and the UK and have given rise to her popular 4 and 6 week courses. To share her knowledge and resources with others, Lisa created the Super Sleep Yoga teacher training course, in collaboration with the research-based yoga training school, the Minded Institute.

Her work has been recognised by publications from Marie Claire magazine to the Daily Express, among others. She has also created expert videos for Healthista, Grokker and Movement for Modern Life.

Lisa is also available for personal consultations in London, or worldwide via Skype.



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